About Us and FAQ

Who is FireDFS?

Fire Daily Fantasy Sports is owned and operated by Roger Casey, and experienced, avid DFS player and prognosticator who felt that his approach to DFS analysis and content would be unique and valuable to his subscribers.  You can almost always find him staying up-to-date with the latest DFS Twitter outrage and triumph and message him any time at @DRogerCasey 


Which sports do you offer and who covers them?

Currently, we cover PGA, NFL, MLB, NBA, and MMA DFS.  While this may change in the future, at the moment, Roger (@DRogerCasey) is responsible for PGA, NFL, and MLB content while Clint Jones (@ClintLJones) is responsible for NBA, and Matt Dachel (@MattDachelMD) is responsible for MMA.

How is content delivered to subscribers?

We deliver content through a combination of our website, Twitter, and e-mail.  Different sports require a different amount of notice for rapid-delivery information on strategy changes, so we try to ensure that our subscribers know in advance where pressing information will be posted.

Do you cover season-long fantasy sports as well?

No, we do not, but may branch out later into this arena if there is enough interest.

Do you offer free trials?

Unfortunately, as a result of a few low-integrity individuals stealing our content and distributing it to others for free, we cannot currently offer free trials.  We attempt to balance this by offering some free content that will hopefully give you an idea of what we have to offer.

Do you offer any referral bonuses?

Yes, we do! For any subscriber you refer who signs up for a Monthly subscription, we will send you $10 directly via PayPal.  For any subscriber you refer who signs up for a Yearly/Season-Long or All Access Pass subscription, we’ll send you $25 directly via PayPal.

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