Welcome to the newest addition to FireDFS, the Fire Charts.

Just enter the name of a golfer from this week’s field, or select the name from the drop-down list. Then scroll down and dig into the data. A description is displayed to the right of the chart to let you know exactly what you are seeing.

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In addition to the FireCharts, use this stat search tool to quickly view recent and long term stats for each player in this week’s field. If you scroll to the right, you will also find their course history.


The FireStats tool shown below allows you to easily manipulate the data to see the splits that you want. Freely select the event, course, green type, wind, number of recent events, etc. to separate out the split that you want to see.

The course history bubbles are a quick way to see who has historically performed well tee to green, versus those who putted lights out at this week’s course.

The newest add-on to the FireCharts page allows you to easily compare players and view their 5 event moving average over time.

Review last weeks results with ease, and dig into the key SG stats.

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